The Beginning of a tradition

The history of gold goes back to the 4th millennium BCE. In the time of the ancient Egyptians, gold symbolized wealth, power and luxury and continued to do so across all the world’s cultures and regions. Well before the time of Cleopatra, gold jewelry adorned both prestigious women and men. The ancient Greeks developed sophisticated designs of gold jewelry seen in museums all over the world today. In the Americas, ancient Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilizations were miners and creators of exquisite designs in gold. When conquistadors arrived in the new world the drive to obtain gold from these Native Americans fueled the conquest of Central and South America.

In more modern times, gold became the predominant metal for fine jewelry. Although 24k pure gold is considered too soft for use in jewelry, gold is commonly alloyed with other metals such as silver and copper or palladium. Produced in 18k, 14k and 10k commonly in the US, gold is available in colors ranging from the traditional yellow to white to rose. For any occasion from wedding to special gift, fine gold jewelry has been the preferred choice in jewelry.

Rising Prices

From the year 2000 the price of gold per ounce rose from just over $279 to over $1500US. This continuously rising price has made fine gold jewelry beyond the financial reach of many people. While alternatives like gold plating and gold-filled jewelry can provide a similar look at a lesser cost, they do not offer the durability and lasting value.

The new Standard in Luxury

Now a new metal has been developed, YellOra™. A mixture of 24K pure gold, palladium and sterling silver, YellOra™ offers the pure yellow color of traditional gold throughout the metal. Not a coating or plating, YellOra™ provides the durability offered by real gold at a far more affordable price. Created of precious metals of genuine intrinsic value, the jewelry made from YellOra™ is truly affordable luxury.